Tips for Moving With Pets in West Hollywood

Check the following tips for moving with pets in West Hollywood. And if you need more help with relocation, contact licensed residential movers West Hollywood.

  1. Check all legal requirements for bringing a new pet. Landlords and homeowners’ associations may impose special regulations for various types of pets. Your pet may need additional vaccinations, medications or certain certificates. Get in touch with the local animal control facility to get more info about these procedures.
  2. Have a meeting with the current vet. After getting sufficient info, it is wise to talk with the current vet and see the potential problems your pet may encounter during transit. Many pets become agitated during transport and they can even manifest a violent behavior.  Your vet should inform about that and propose some transport methods. Ask about the possibility of adding tracking chips to your pet if you have not done this already.  Also, get prescriptions updated and refilled and ask for medical records.
  3. Find a new vet or look for vet centers near your arrival location. It would be wise to change the vet as soon as possible. And if something unpleasant happens after or during transit, you will need to know where the closest medical center is.
  4. Get all the documents before moving. Make sure you get a copy of all of your pet’s medical records to give to your new vet.
  5. If the pet has been chipped, make sure to make updates before moving. After all, if you move in Colorado and the dog is still chipped as living in Florida, you will have lots of troubles finding it if he gets lost after arriving at the destination.
  6. If possible, keep the pet near you when moving. In many cases it will help the pet feel better. But if the pet is agitated, keep him in a confined space.

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