Need Tips On How To Move A Couch or Sofa During A Move?

It is pleasant to sit on luxurious, beautiful leather sofas or couches. They are very expensive items and you must take care of them. If you have to move them, make sure to take all safety precautions, avoid any costly damage. It is mandatory to have proper tools and materials in order to transport them. Also you must follow some strict guidelines by the book, respecting all procedures. Otherwise you will end up with an item that has structural damage. Here is a list couple-moving-couch-furniture-home-450jn042710of tips that you should consider following:

–  Plan everything ahead. Draw a route and remove all the objects that can collide with your couch or sofa. Make sure that your items will fit through all doorways, hallways and stairways. Avoid scratching your sofa against the walls or doorways, otherwise you will end up with a damaged, punctured sofa.

–  Before you can actually start, you should clean your sofas and couches and let them dry. It is not indicated to have wet or dirty items when you pack them.

–  Do a list with packing and wrapping materials. You will surely need some type of containers to pack pillows and to store them. On your list you must include: furniture blankets, shrink wrap, microfoam, corrugated cardboard sheets, packing tape, sealable plastic bags, sofa and mattress covers, plastic stretch wrap, blankets and towels.

–  If your furniture items can be broken into smaller parts, that would be ideal. Do not hesitate to do that, it will give you more control and will reduce the amount of physical effort needed for the whole operation. Pack all the screws and bolts in the same bag and label it accordingly.

–  Do not work alone. Some items are heavier than they look and without support you can risk getting yourself injured.  Make sure to place items in the correct position when packing or moving them.

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