How to Pack a Kitchen During A Move!

The kitchen is one of the most difficult rooms to pack. You have a lot of fragile and expensive items, not to mention the heavy furniture and appliances. Packing all of them into boxes and having them loaded into a truck can be difficult if you do not do it right. What is the right way to pack a kitchen? Here are some simple tips:

1.       Take your time!

You shouldn’t be time-pressed when you pack your kitchen! Remember that you have a tough job ahead of you and moving all that furniture can be tiring, so you can do without the extra stress!

happy couple moving2.       Organize!

Organize! Do not start packing until you have thought of a system and most importantly, make sure you have all the proper materials: boxes, duct tape, wrapping bubble. Sort your items by categories and be extra careful with fragile objects!

3.       How to pack crockery items

Your plates should be put tightly into a small box so that they don’t have room to clink and break. Cover both the bottom and the top of the box with bubble wrap or paper. Put your plates in a vertical position. Reinforce the bottom of the box with duct-tape if the plates are too heavy.

4.       How to pack appliances

The fridge, the dishwasher or the stove may seem big and mighty, but they are quite easy to pack! You just need a box big enough and some wrapping bubble or paper. Do not forget to take out the pieces like trays and pack them in a separate box. Write on each box what it contains so that you do not lose a lot of time looking for the right pieces.

5.       How to pack food

Don’t pack food, eat it! I am joking, of course. It makes sense to take some food with you as you will need to eat something at your new place. Food can be kept perfectly well in a bag if you do not plan for a long trip. If you do, I guess an icebox will be the best solution.

6.       How to load your things

First, load the boxes that contain the big appliances and then, on top of them put the smaller ones. When unloading, make sure you put the fragile items out of the way: unpack them last.

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