A Guide for Hollywood Moving for Young Artists!

Being an artist is a very noble occupation. Art is part of our cultural heritage and we should help all artists express their imagination.  Hollywood has become a Mecca for all those that want to succeed in the world of entertainment.

contemporary-attic-artist-studio1Singers, actors, movie directors, graphic illustrators and painters are always present in this part of California. As a direct consequence, more and more Hollywood moving companies have appeared on the market. If you want to live here, you should contact one of those companies and read a guide for Hollywood moving for young artists.

1)     Carefully choose the move date.  You will probably transport many delicate items and you want them to arrive to the destination fast and safe.  Check for local events and avoid the dates when they are held.  You certainly do not want to be caught on a gridlock or to wait for a parade to pass and clear the streets.

2)     Contact a company that is specialized in moving studio equipment or musical instruments. Also, if you are a painter, search for an adequate company. Working with experts has clear benefits. You may know how the instruments and devices work, but the movers know what protection they need.

3)     After you have talked with the mover, ask for an in person evaluation. You may want to know if the mover covers a part of the damaged items, how much they evaluate the cargo and if it is better to purchase moving insurance. Ask to evaluator to tell you how long it will take to pack all things and how much the moving services will cost.

4)     Search for recommended moving supplies or order ones from specialized manufacturers. You will want to buy special boxes or containers, labels, sealing tape and many other supplies.  Buy items that are shock absorbent and provide water insulation.

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