5 Tips for Finding Affordable Rent in Los Angeles

Moving in Los Angeles is exciting and promises new experiences. Still, remember that living here is not cheap. Use these 5 tips for finding affordable rent in Los Angeles:

Los-Angeles_moving-300x2011)     Avoid central areas. The central, metropolitan area is quite attractive and has numerous business and entertaining centers. That makes it extremely expensive and probably it is inaccessible to people that are not rich. The space is usually reserved for companies, since is the best place to open a business.

2)     Avoid residential areas. Not only LA Central area is expensive, but also a series of residential areas. Those are the places where businessmen, movie directors, actors and musicians usually live. The most well-known residential areas in LA are:  Brentwood, Beverly Hills,  Holbmy Hills, Malibu,  Ojai,  Pacific Palisades,  Palm Springs,  Santa Monica,  Sunset Strip,  West Hollywood, Westwood. They are luxury estates that benefit of excellent surroundings and views.

3)     Check online for rent pricing in different areas. Some districts are cheaper to live. The average price for them range between $950 and $1250. Those areas are:  Lakewood, Winnetka, Palms, Altadena, Temple City, Valley Village, Tarzana, Mar Vista, Encino and Playa del Rey. All these neighborhoods are affordable and have a low criminality rate.

4)     Avoid areas that have huge criminality rate. LA is not that safe you may think. In some areas the criminality is high due to some gang wars. Check the crime statistical information. Search for the Los Angeles Times: Crime Mapping Project.

5)     Talk with an estate agency. Explain them how much you want to pay per month and if there are any affordable districts. You will have to pay for their services, but they will do your job.  Plus, you will find a good deal faster.

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