5 Mistakes Clients Make When Packing Their House for a Move!

moving-family-300x2152222222Los Angeles movers provide fast, cheap and safe relocation. However, not all people want to hire a move, and they and up doing one of the 5 mistakes clients make when packing their house for a move:

  • They forget to buy sufficient packing materials or boxes. A careful planning is also helpful in determining the right quantity of moving supplies. But not all people allocate sufficient time for a proper planning or they simply do not have management skills. So, they end up with a shortage of boxes, shrinking wrap, bubble wrap or other materials that are urgently needed for any relocation.
  • Working with people that lack strength. Relocation implies not only brains, but also muscles. You must be physically fit in order to transport heavy items and numerous boxes. Clearly, your children are not the best persons to involve.
  • Working with people that lack the experience and skills needed for the job. People usually rely on their friends and relatives to help them packing.  But this process again requires some a priori experience and skills. You cannot simply throw items in the box without checking if they are properly wrapped or they are not fragile enough to be broken under the pressure of other items.  Also, you must know what materials to use for each specific category of objects.
  • They do not inform about materials and techniques used for fragile objects. You must handle fragile items with considerable more care and attention. Breakable, valuable objects must be wrapped with increased number of wrapping material layers and must be placed in double walled boxes or boxes with thicker walls. Electronics, sensitive devices and other similar objects must also be placed in especially dedicated containers.
  • Not properly labeling the boxes. Do not rely only on your memory; it surely cannot track all your household items once you placed them in boxes. Carefully label all boxes accordingly with their respective content.

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