4 Tips On How To Properly Pack Electronics for Your Move In West Hollywood Or Nearby Cities!

Packing your electronic devices and appliances requires time and patience. These are valuable items and must be handled with care. You will need planning, materials and additional help.  We will present you 4 tips on how to properly pack electronics for your move in West Hollywood or nearby cities. There are many things to do and if all the steps seem a bit difficult, it is better to call West Hollywood movers, they will ensure high quality packing and moving services.

–  Procure packing materials and supplies before you start. You will need: paper pads, markers, rolls of tape, sturdy cardboard boxes, packing packing and moving electronicspaper.  It is better to use original boxes if you still have them and they are not deteriorated. If you do not have them, use double-walled boxes, furniture removal cartons or other specially designed boxes. They are a bit expensive but they offer the best protection for your electronic devices.

–  Follow rules indicate by user manual. Always check user manual and see if there are some strict rules regarding packing and moving some equipments.  Usually larger, more expensive items have guidelines about how you should disassemble them and pack them.  Plasma TV, air conditioner, refrigerators need some additional steps to be done in order to be prepared for packing and moving. If you do not have the manuals, you can usually go to the website of the manufacturer and download a digital copy.

–  Disconnect all the wires and plugs. Also remove any object that may find inside the electronics, especially CDs. Do not forget to label cords and cables. If you have problems reminding the correct configuration of cables, it is recommended to take some pictures and watch them when you want to reconnect the cables.

–  Place accessories, such as remote controllers in specially designated box and label it.  Labeling is an important part for every move and must be done properly. Cords, cables, discs, remotes must be labeled and placed in boxes. We do not place them with original equipment because they may scratch their surface.

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by Ciprian Gurgu



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